Variety Variety Variety

We are parents too! We've seen your well-balanced, seemingly flavorful and nutritionally-sound choices go into a child's daily lunchbox, only to get most of it back untouched. It's hard not to take it personally, but the school yard's opinionated masses do present multiple challenges. This is our attempt at striking the balance and restoring sanity for the family.

Most school lunches are rotating entrees with predetermined sides, giving the eater less choice and more monotony. We offer dozens of smaller portioned items to encourage a mixing and matching approach.

With dozens of items offered weekly, you can create item combinations that will not only please your finicky eater, but keep them guessing week after week.

Choose one item, pick four items, but whatever you decide, at item prices ranging from $2 - $5, a fun and engaging meal won't break your budget.

ALSO, with this approach,  pick a few snacky items to supplement a home lunch - taking the pressure off you! How many Cheddar Bunnies can a kid eat, right?


Next Steps...

Ordering is currently open to New Roads grades K - 8 as well as staff and faculty. We've chosen, appropriately enough, School Lunch Choice as our online ordering engine. Some of you may recognize the name from the previous program. If you had an account set up before, your information should still be live, however please review the account as some info, such as grade levels, may have changed. Click the button to get started.